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What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are a place to connect at First Baptist. They are designed to build a strong foundation and love for God.  Small groups also develop significant, loving relationships with others.  Our small groups are friendly and we consistently encourage and challenge each other to apply God's Word to our lives.  Places and times vary depending on the group.  Each group meets in the small group leaders home or at church.  The day and times vary from group to group but most meet during a weekday in the evening.

Jesus Christ is our model.  If we look at His life Jesus had both a large and small group ministry.  The disciples were His small group.  They consumed the majority of His time, they shared meals, traveled together and experienced mutual hardships.  Small groups, not organizations were central to His ministry.  He wasn't building an earthly organization but a spiritual one.  He was about people; caring, healing, listening, forgiving, encouraging and teaching.

Sermon Audio and Small Group Questions.

Playlist of most recent can be found here on the Sermon Player. To view the nots simple click on the document icon to the right of the sermon's title.

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